Moving On: Day 2

Today has been a struggle. ‘Moving on’ is hard, harder than it seems anyway.

Last night was another sleepless night and I feel really exhausted today. I woke up, and my sister text me with something she didn’t wanna talk about face to face, and told me not to question her, and so I can’t really post it on here, but if I could, I was so happy for her.
I got up, watched a lot of Friends, then allowed my sister to watch a thing called Catfish: The TV Show; it’s about a guy who helps people who have met people online, these people fall in love but never meet and usually end up not being who they say they are. (Ironic, I know – leave the witty comments please. I’ve thought them all myself)

Me and my sister then did our own Sunday Lunch. I did the chicken, and she did veg and gravy. It was the first tine I have ever cooked meat and personally, I would say I over-cooked to be a little cautious but my sister said it was perfect.

Me and sister then watched a movie on Netflix, she went to bed with a headache and I watched a lot more crap on Netflix, and tidied up a little.

I also received another message, on here and that’s where things got tough. I’m getting so fed up of these messages RE C. If C can write then so can I! However, on Friday, I decided no more writing about her, in the way I was and changing my blog to a daily journal type thing. Saying that, about previous posts, police and solicitor have said that I can write what I have as it is the truth. Naming her is the truth, and anything else of my opinion, is freedom of speech. It has been double-checked so back off with the comments. I am not harming anybody, but each message I get, I think “I don’t want to be alive anymore”.. I’m not suicidal, not threatening to kill myself, but I am sure, my mind is breaking each day, and these thoughts aren’t just gonna be thoughts soon.

So, another Netflix movie, and a chilled night, and hopefully I will sleep.

Have a good week folks x

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