Light gives hope

Hi guys! 

Today has been a productive day. My sister went back to her boyfriend’s house at the weekend so my Hamster, Harley got to have is usual house back. (My sister hated him in the bedroom so he was in a small cage on the landing). So today has been spent getting my bedroom back to how I like it now that I don’t have to share it and taking photos of Harley enjoying his big cage.  

Tonight has been relaxing, me watching shows on Netflix, light dimmed and candles lit. 

I looked at one candle and decided that the way the wax was melting, to me, was pretty so I took a few photos until I had taken the perfect candle photo. If you have me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram then you have probably already seen it. 

Just as I was admiring my ‘amazing’ photography skills, I remembered a quote – my favourite quote actually. I think the quote was originally said by someone else but I’m not sure. How I came across the quote is by watching Harry Potter. In the Prisoner of Azkaban, you are introduced to Dementors, a magical monster that drains all happiness from you, makes to world go icey cold, makes you feel as though you’ll never be happy again and makes you relive your most awful memories. The Dementors are JK Rowling’s metaphor for depression. I have often felt as if I have had Dementors following me constantly. 

I’m a massive Harry Potter fan and during one of my own ‘Dementor attacks’, I was watching Harry Potter and Dumbledore said,

“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times if only one remembers to turn on the light”

This quote has never left me and has always helped me through difficult parts of my life. Because of that, I wanted to share you this edited photo of my candle. 

(PS I am usually rubbish at taking photos, this one makes me proud and happy) 



Moving On: Day 157


Today, me and my sister got up and went to town and generally had a good time. We went clothes shopping in New Look with gift vouchers we both had. We then went to have our nails done then had lunch.

For a little while in town, I did have a low moment where I felt quite low for a while. I just felt like I wanted to go somewhere alone and deserted and sit by myself and cry.

When we got home, we sat and chilled for a bit and watched HP and the Deathly Hallows part 2. We tried to do a marathon a few days ago but we didn’t manage the last film and so we watched that tonight.

Today’s 3 positives:
1) I had my nails done
2) I had a low moment and got over it
3) I got my nails done

Today’s score: 4/5



“Hello Puddin'”

I’ve gone a little geek tonight and painted my nails is a Harley Quinn style. They are a little messy, but shhh it’s my very first attempt 😉

Now if you’re saying “who/what is Harley Quinn?” then get off my blog! Now! Haha jokes, Harley Quinn is basically the female Joker in Batman.

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Selfie a Day – Day 3

Today’s selfie isn’t that exciting, and the first attempt failed.
Me and ‘pikachu’ almost forgot it, and so as we were sat waiting for my Doctor’s appointment, we took one. The first attempt, I’m not even looking at the camera; this gave us the giggles and the second photo looks better.

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