Moving On: Day 170

So last night was a painful night of clock watching. 1:30am, 2:30am, 4:am, 6:25am, 7:15am and finally 8am with my alarm going off at 9am.. I decided I would t bother with make up and “slept” until 10am… When I say sleep, it was more “my eyes are closed and I thinking I’m dreaming but I can still hear what’s going on around me”
So, a sleepless night by far!

I then got up and went into town and did what I needed to and on my way back home, I had another phone call to arrange a job interview. So next week, I have 2 interviews…. Yay me!

I then got home and rested/ had lunch then got myself sorted and went off to cheerleading. I haven’t been able to do this for about a month because I really hurt my knee and the doctor told me I wasn’t allowed but today had been 5 weeks and the doctor said 4 weeks so I went back and BOY did the coaches work us.. Basically they must have thought we had all are too much over Christmas or something… OR the time that I’ve been off they have just started working everyone harder and I have to get used to it.. I’ve no idea but I died!
My knee is kind of back to being painful now though but I tried to work as I normally do today just to see how my knee reacts and now, I know what hurts it and what doesn’t.. Stretching my left leg is a no-go which kind of makes stretching a little hard.

Anyways.. I’m home now and in bed and I hope to god I sleep tonight!


Moving On: Day 169

Today has been quite alright to be honest.

I decided on de guttering my room. I’ve been trying for a few months but never got round to ever finishing. Today, I got fed up after doing half the room and 1 wardrobe. I have far too many clothes. I’m busy tomorrow but I think i will try and finish it on Saturday.

At some point today, I had a phone call to arrange a job interview, so that’s quite cool. Today has also involved playing my favourite music and reading Harry Potter.

I completed Day 4 of my ‘Abs and Squat 30 day Challenge’ which is making me quite happy. I hate exercising in front of my family because they will just end up taking the piss and I get self conscious so I end up starting these things and starting exercise but then skip days when people are home and end up not completing my goals but I am determined to finish this one and I will!

So quite a good, productive day today. Also, I took some cute pics of my dog, Diva today so I’ll share them with you!



Moving On: Day 168

Well today!!!! The overuse a catchphrase, it’s been one of those days.

I woke up and went downstairs to chill then shit myself because my dad was watching a film being off work, sick. So I couldn’t chill like I usually do when I have the house to myself and I had to clean up and pretend that I do it everytime I’m in the house to myself lol.

This evening, I went upstairs for a little bit to charge my phone up. I then came back downstairs for dinner. I sat down and knocked my phone on the floor and cracked the screen. You know, I’m always dropping my phone outside on concrete everywhere.. Today, from a 2 foot drop it flipping cracks. I’m now going to have to check the warranty and actually do something adults do and try and get a replacement.

Then, it was the start of Celebrity Bug Brother and I have to admit I’m obsessed with big brother so I am quite excited that this is going to be on TV for the next few weeks.

Moving On: Day 167

Today has been a better day.

Last night I randomly started to cry – well not randomly, I know the reason but I’m not going to share that on here but I will say it was an extremely low moment and several thoughts went through my mind.

This morning, I woke up feeling better. I woke at a decent time and went downstairs and watched a film, Mean Girls.

Then I looked and applied for jobs and watched Friends. I also at some point, did day 2 of the 30 day abs and squat challenge. So I feel kind of proud.

This evening has been lazy – playing games on my phone and watching TV and now I am catching up on Hollyoaks.

So, a better day in general.

Moving On: DAY 166

Last night = another bad nights sleep
This morning = waking up late
Mood = annoyed and very emotional

I woke at around 11:30am and got up and went downstairs. I watched some Friends and then did Day 1 of the 30 day abs challenge. Then I watched Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones.
I’ve wanted to watch this film since it came out but it’s bloody shit.

This evening, I had a Chinese and watched more TV.

Moving On: Day 165

Today has been another tired day – another sleepless night last night. The sleeplessness is starting to effect me emotionally now and today has been a constant need for crying.

I have spent a lot of it in bed, reading or facebooking or just complete shit.

I had Sunday lunch which caused a slight argument. My mum always covers my dinner in gravy and I don’t dislike gravy, I mean I like to top my Sunday lunch in gravy but it’s basically a case of “I would like some lunch with the gravy please”. Each week I say, leave the gravy, I’ll do it myself but she always does it. This week, there was far too much and it was making me feel sick so I chucked away my dinner and grabbed a bag of crisps which caused an argument. Hopefully now, they will actually listen to me and let me sort myself out.

I came back upstairs after lunch and took a nap. Then I woke up and I created the best birthday card to give to my sister next week. I am so excited to give it to her!

I am now going to do some drawing.

Moving On: Day 164

There’s not really much to say about today – I lead a boring life to be honest.

I was shattered and really didn’t want to wake up this morning but I had a job interview so I had to.
Interview went ok I think.. I should know by mon/Tuesday if I have the job or not.

When I got back, I felt exhausted. I’m not sleeping well again and it just gets worse and worse. So I came back to bed and rested a little.

This evening, I went back downstairs and had something to eat then my family went out so I caught up on Hollyoaks and then watched The Hangover.

So yup.. A shit, boring day.