Moving on: Day 171

Today has been okay.

Again, another sleepless night, but the day wasn’t too bad.

I caught up with Hollyoaks, had something to eat then got ready to go out.
Tomorrow (well technically today) is mine and my sisters birthday and we went for a meal tonight to celebrate.
We went for an all you can eat and it was amazing.
The sad part was that there was me and my friend from work and then 5 people who were my sisters friends. There was one guy who I know but I only know him from my sister.
Over the last couple of years, I have learnt who my true friends were, the ones who have stuck by me and it’s quite sad to know at one point they would have been there too.
So yeah, that felt a bit shit.
Like I have friends at cheerleading and I invited them but none could make it and well… My low self esteem says it’s because they don’t particularly like me and long story short, negative thoughts arise about people. I don’t trust people now, when they say they’re my friend. I never believe them. I never believe that anybody could seriously like me.
But enough of that, it was quite a good night and maybe the whisky will help me sleep tonight.


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