Moving On: Day 170

So last night was a painful night of clock watching. 1:30am, 2:30am, 4:am, 6:25am, 7:15am and finally 8am with my alarm going off at 9am.. I decided I would t bother with make up and “slept” until 10am… When I say sleep, it was more “my eyes are closed and I thinking I’m dreaming but I can still hear what’s going on around me”
So, a sleepless night by far!

I then got up and went into town and did what I needed to and on my way back home, I had another phone call to arrange a job interview. So next week, I have 2 interviews…. Yay me!

I then got home and rested/ had lunch then got myself sorted and went off to cheerleading. I haven’t been able to do this for about a month because I really hurt my knee and the doctor told me I wasn’t allowed but today had been 5 weeks and the doctor said 4 weeks so I went back and BOY did the coaches work us.. Basically they must have thought we had all are too much over Christmas or something… OR the time that I’ve been off they have just started working everyone harder and I have to get used to it.. I’ve no idea but I died!
My knee is kind of back to being painful now though but I tried to work as I normally do today just to see how my knee reacts and now, I know what hurts it and what doesn’t.. Stretching my left leg is a no-go which kind of makes stretching a little hard.

Anyways.. I’m home now and in bed and I hope to god I sleep tonight!


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