Moving On: Day 168

Well today!!!! The overuse a catchphrase, it’s been one of those days.

I woke up and went downstairs to chill then shit myself because my dad was watching a film being off work, sick. So I couldn’t chill like I usually do when I have the house to myself and I had to clean up and pretend that I do it everytime I’m in the house to myself lol.

This evening, I went upstairs for a little bit to charge my phone up. I then came back downstairs for dinner. I sat down and knocked my phone on the floor and cracked the screen. You know, I’m always dropping my phone outside on concrete everywhere.. Today, from a 2 foot drop it flipping cracks. I’m now going to have to check the warranty and actually do something adults do and try and get a replacement.

Then, it was the start of Celebrity Bug Brother and I have to admit I’m obsessed with big brother so I am quite excited that this is going to be on TV for the next few weeks.


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