Moving On: Day 165

Today has been another tired day – another sleepless night last night. The sleeplessness is starting to effect me emotionally now and today has been a constant need for crying.

I have spent a lot of it in bed, reading or facebooking or just complete shit.

I had Sunday lunch which caused a slight argument. My mum always covers my dinner in gravy and I don’t dislike gravy, I mean I like to top my Sunday lunch in gravy but it’s basically a case of “I would like some lunch with the gravy please”. Each week I say, leave the gravy, I’ll do it myself but she always does it. This week, there was far too much and it was making me feel sick so I chucked away my dinner and grabbed a bag of crisps which caused an argument. Hopefully now, they will actually listen to me and let me sort myself out.

I came back upstairs after lunch and took a nap. Then I woke up and I created the best birthday card to give to my sister next week. I am so excited to give it to her!

I am now going to do some drawing.


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