Moving On:Day 161

I’m writing this a little early as I am going out in a bit and celebrating the new year.

Last night was very sleepless and I’m shattered today, I’ve no idea how I’m gonna last till early hours but I’m sure I will.

It’s been an okay day. I received a Harry Potter key ring today and it just made me happy. It was placed in a little parchment type envelope (inside a normal one) and that parchment envelope made me feel all Hogwartsy. I just felt that a witch or wizard would receive items in that kind of parchment and I think I was happier with the envelope more that the key ring haha!

Anyway all, have a happy start to 2015 and a safe one. Remember, celebrating isn’t about getting blind drunk but having something to remember. You don’t want to start 2015 in a hospital bed. Xxx

Today I won’t do 3 positives of the day but of they year:
1)I met some wonderful new friends
2) I accomplished more than what I ever thought I would
3) I have been, I hope, a good friend to people.


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