Moving In: Day 159

Today has been a productive day.

I woke up with the intention on tidying my room but the day started with me catching up on TV that I’ve missed. I then got up and began a slight tidy up. I cleared my dressing table and so that is now not cluttered and I also cleared up bits in front of the dressing table.

Then, I came across a Rubik’s cube and spent hours trying to solve that. Safe to say, I solved it. Then I got annoyed because some of the stickers were peeling away and so I got my nail varnish and painted on the colours again.
Once it had dried, I started messing about with the cube and I’ve messed it up again 😞 but I will try and sort it out.

I then spent a while chatting to friends and then on my laptop applying for jobs. Why are job applications so damn long! It really shouldn’t be how you answer but about you as a person, that’s what interviews are for!

Today’s 3 Positives:
1) I slightly tidied up
2) I watched TV
3) I applied for jobs

Today’s Score: 3/5


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