Skinny or fat? A girl never wins

I was very young when I decided I wanted to be thin. But I’ve always gone in and out of eating and not eating phases. I have never liked my body shape and I will always consider myself fat. I did, when I first became really depressed and worried, when the court case was happening, I lost a hell of a lot of weight and I was happy then but then antidepressants and basic moping around with no will to do anything made me put that weight on again and so not that happy with it.

Saying all of that, this post is going to sound ironic but please remember the above is about me and only me, nobody else.

What I want to share is my anger about people views on other people’s weight.

EVERYBODY comes in different shapes and sizes. A person can be really skinny, an “average” size or quite big but if you eat well and properly and you’re not starving yourself and you’re not over eating, and you are fit and healthy then there isn’t a problem.
It annoys the fuck out of me that people will go around and be like “look at her. She’s so skinny I bet she’s anorexic” or “look at her. She’s really fat. She needs to stop eating”

NO!!! Unless you are under weight or overweight because of eating too little or too much then yes, change your diet but there is such a thing of people just looking the way they do despite what they eat!!

Leave people alone and stop judging others!


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