Moving On: Day 152

Today has been a good day to be honest.

I woke up at a decent time and then went downstairs and me and my brother watched Home Alone.

Early afternoon, my sister came home. She’s home over Christmas and it’s actually really good. When she was home, before moving to her boyfriends, we got along but there were a lot of arguments and I don’t think we got on as much as we did today. I have issues with my family, for reasons I’ve said on here before but we always stick up for each other and we actually get on quite well (my mums side anyway). There are arguments like normal families but I’m happy to say that no matter what, we don’t have family feuds that end with half the family not talking to each other.

Anyway she came back and we started arranging a Harry Potter day tomorrow. We have accepted the challenge of watching all of the films in 1 day. Apparently it takes 21 hours approx to watch them all so we are waking up early and going into town to buy food and drink, and also I need to buy another couple of Xmas gifts. I hope to be home for 10am so we can get started. It’s gonna be a tough one, I’ll let you know how it goes.

So for now, goodnight


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