Moving On: Days 150 & 151

I forgot to write again last night! I’m so sorry.. I was just so tired after work.

Yesterday, work was completely dead. A coach load of Christmas staff got sent home at 4 and basically sacked before the end of the contract be it’s completely dead and they’ve hired way to many staff. Apparently it’s because they didn’t hire enough staff last year so they went OTT this year.
My contract ends officially in the 24th December but because of my shift pattern, yesterday was also my last day and me and D basically spent most of the day sat on a staircase that is pretty much unused and we chatted a lot. It was that quiet with regards to having no work to do that nobody was looking for us to tell us to do something. So we would sit and chat for about an hour, go show our face and then head back. It was great.

Today, I was expecting to have a lie in but my body clock decided otherwise and I woke up early. Later than I would if I had work but not that much later so I was annoyed.

I went on Netflix and watched a film, Billy Madison and then had a texting convo with my friend.
I went downstairs for lunch and planned on staying downstairs for a bit but I had left my phone in my room so came back upstairs and chilled, chatting to a few people on Skype.

So a good couple of days.

I will try and remember to most daily again!


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