Moving On: Day 148&149

I mIssed yesterday, I’m so sorry I was just shattered and I forgot to post. It was a shit day at work and I ended up leaving at about 2:30pm because it was that bad. I had had a massive depressive bout all day, even a girl at work said “are you okay? You look like you’re about to burst into tears”. I felt miserable and crap and everything else that fits under the “depressed” title.

Today I woke up, dreading another day at work. Me and D decided to get a later bus today and see if we could get away with being 15-20 mins late and we did so we are going to get that one again tomorrow.
Today was boring but I felt better in myself and also work had a jelly bean station so we got jelly beans 😊

I came home to a Chinese and then had a shower and now plan on going to bed to wake up for work tomorrow.


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