Moving On: Day 147

Today I was back at work. I shouldn’t because in my knee but I need the money so I have to go.

It was a weird day. It started off pretty shit but then after break, I got to work with D and we had quite a good time.

After our second break, there was a make shift photo booth and so we went in and took a photo – we got to dress up in hats and stuff. Although this morning of “I can’t be bothered for any make up” really fucked me over because I look fugly!

Coming home was annoying, or bus was 20 minutes late which then meant I missed my second bus home but thank god for nans that can drive.

Also today at work, I wore my batman trainers. I kind of hardly wear them and should wear them more often. I’ve had them about a year (I think) but they are still kind of like new – where they’re slightly tight to put on. And being in then all day has really rubbed the back of my ankles.

When I got home, I started cooking pasta so I could eat it at work tomorrow, I made myself a chicken sandwich and then came upstairs for a bath.

But… Bedtime now! 💤

Today’s 3 positives:
1) I lasted at work with my knee
2) I went into the photo booth
3) I have prepared all my stuff for work tomorrow

Today’s score: 3/5


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