Moving on: day 146

Another good day today.

I woke up quite late after having a bad nights sleep, and read Harry Potter. I then got up and got myself some snacks and came upstairs to Skype my friend – I must say I look ace munching food on webcam!
Then.. I painted my Christmas nails which took about 2 hours!!! (I wasn’t happy with the hand I did yesterday and so started again) BUT now… I am so happy with them I only wish I would stop biting my nails and actually have some decent length to work with!

After doing my nails, I went downstairs and watched a bit of TV and had some dinner. After dinner, I came back up to my room. My friend has asked me to draw something for him (I think he wants it as a tattoo) so I’ve drawn a couple rough sketches to show him and then he can decide if he wants it.

I’ve now spent a bit of time playing bingo on my phone and am planning to go to bed soon because I have work again tomorrow… Sigh

Today’s 3 positives:
1) I painted my nails all Christmassy
2) I spoke with a friend
3) I accepted an invitation to a (late) New Years ball

Today’s Score: 4/5



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