Moving On: Day 145

Other than that, today has been a good day. I woke up and showered. Like it wasn’t a normal shower, I just stood and felt calm and tranquility. Maybe it’s from what happened yesterday evening – I contacted an old friend and the air got cleared; I’m under no illusions, we aren’t friends again nor will we ever be BUT we talked and both had our say on things and I felt so much better after the chat. So, I think that just made me calm for this morning at least.

After my shower, me and my sister spoke on the phone for a while and we had quite a good laugh about things. It was nice.

Then, I went downstairs and looked at Sky Disney (movie channel). Saving Mr Banks was just starting and it is a film that I have wanted to see since it came out. I assumed it would be about the creation of Mary Poppins and it is but the story also shows PL Travers’ childhood and the reasons behind Mary Poppins and the characters and OMG I never thought I would end up sobbing but I did! After SMB, my childhood favourite came on, The Jungle Book. THIS MADE ME HAPPY! For weeks, I have been hinting at anyone who would listen that I want The Jungle Book on DVD. I had it on VCR as a kid but it never got replaced when DVDs came about. And have and behold, it came on TV today. So I enjoyed watching and singing along to that. The songs are still running through my head. šŸ˜„

After my Disney films, my brother came home from school and soon after my mum came home from work.
I then came upstairs and watched funny YouTube videos and painted my nails on one hand – CHRISTMAS style. I’m going to do the other hand tomorrow. It just took so long I couldn’t be bothered to spend that amount of time again doing another hand.

Today’s 3 Positives:
1) I spoke to my sister
2) I watched 2 disney films
3) I painted half my nails

Today’s Score: 4/5


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