Moving On: Day 142

Today has been a TV lazy day but with a massive frustration.

Today I was meant to get paid from work but I didn’t so from around 8am, I have been trying to get hold of people from the office via email and phone. I have left several voicemails but nobody got back to me.
I then sent a really angry email saying that I had been trying to call/email all day and nobody has got back to me and that “it’s now getting ridiculous”
At 7:35pm she replied a very sarcastic email and it’s just massively annoyed the fuck out of me. I am now assuming that I won’t hear anything back until Monday now and so yeah… I’m not very happy.

Other than that, I have spent the day catching up on TV shows that I’ve missed all week – Hollyoaks, Gotham, Impractical Jokers and I have done this eating biscuits.. Yes I am fat.
Then I got a delivery. On my old phone, I had the Harry Potter books downloaded but that phones broke and the other day I felt like rereading them so I ordered a new set. Ones that’s aren’t going to get lost in cyberspace.

I then had dinner and came upstairs and watched YouTube videos and finish off the drawing I started yesterday. 😄

Today, I have also planned a movie night and drinks at my friends from work and so I look forward to doing that tomorrow – as well as X factor of course.

Today’s 3 positives:
1) I had my Harry Potter delivery
2) I finished my drawing
3) I downloaded new phone wallpapers

Today’s Score: 3/5



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