Moving On: Day 141

4:45am – alarm goes off
5:00am – I get up to go to the bathroom
5:01am – I’m on my bedroom floor in agony cus my knee fucked up
5:10am – decide I can’t go to work and I need to get myself to the hospital like everyone keeps telling me
5:30am – back asleep
8:45am – I wake up

I got to A&E at around 11:25am and waited. I was then seen and explained about me knee and my doctors appointment and basically I got told that there is a lot of swelling so an X-ray wouldn’t show anything but that it seems to be exactly what my GP told me and that I need to rest it like I was told – meaning I can’t go to work and spend 10 hours on my feet each day. And well if I can’t do that, there’s no point in me going to work because there isn’t another job I can do that allows me to sit down. So I’m fucked.
The person I saw gave me Cocodamol and then told me I would probably feel sleepy. The hospital is 2 bus rides away and the 1st wasn’t too bad but as I waited for the 2nd, I started to feel nauseous and as if I had had far too much to drink. I really needed to get home.
I got home and sat down, my mum came in but it’s pretty much a blur until the effects of the pain killers wore off. I then had some dinner and came upstairs and spoke to a friend and went on facebook and listened to music and started a drawing.

Quite a weird day in all honesty.

Today’s 3 positives:
1) I braved a trip to the hospital
2) I started a drawing
3) I bought foxes biscuits

Today’s Score: 2/5


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