Moving on: day 140

Ooooomg I’m tired!

My alarm felt as if it went off far to early today. I knew instantly that today was gonna be a bad day….. and it was!

I got up and went to work. My first job was to clean the smoking area and car park with a person that I just can’t deal with at that time of the morning. He’s hard work. I’m not horrible to him but you have to explain things a million times and he still won’t understand and it gets frustrating and today was one of those days that I just could not put up with it. Somehow, I managed not to shout at him but I did become angry and I’ve felt like that all day. Then I had to work with this woman who goes on and on and on about a guy who she knows who works in a different department. She has a fiancé so nothing is actually going on between them but omg you would think there is with the way she goes on. She told me 1000 times about wanting to give him a Christmas card and then if we saw someone else, she would tell them and of course, having to work with her I had to listen to her tell these people!! I was going insane!!!!

I then came home to a nice, hot stew so are that up, gave my dog kisses and I’m going to go bed early and hopefully be more able to wake up in the morning.

Today’s 3 Positives:

1) I had stew
2) caught up on 4 days from my advent calendar
3) I managed 10 hours at work despite a lot of things – annoying people, really sore knee and tiredness (I managed to tiredness without getting an energy drink!)

Today’s Score: 2/5


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