Moving on: Day 138

Um a slightly better day today.

I really fancied a lazy day today since the next 4 days I’m going to be working crazy hours and yeah, just thought I’d have a lazy day but I had plans to go A and E about my knee.. That didn’t happen.

My mum woke me this morning to say that my dad had had a message to say that something he ordered online would be arriving today between 9am and 5pm so I had to look out for the courier. I was half asleep, agreed and totally forgot about going to the hospital so I couldn’t go.
The delivery came and I examined my options, I wasn’t sure if my brother had a key to get in from school. He usually takes on on Mondays because my mum works later than normal and the last few weeks I’ve been working too but before I was working I would let him in ect so I thought maybe he didn’t take a key if he knew I would be home. So on that basis, and the time being 1pm, I couldn’t go hospital and sit waiting for hours incase he couldn’t get home.

Just after that, my nan called asking to go round hers to help set up bingo and things online so I went round and helped. Then my grandad was trying to give me money for helping!! Grandparents huh? After “fighting” I couldn’t win so just took the bloody money.
ABOUT THE KNEE- on Friday my doctor told me to rest it. Today I walked to my nans and obviously back home. My nan lives 2 streets away, a 5 minute walk. I got to my nans and my knee started to hurt then coming home and I was in agony.
I now really don’t know how I’m going to cope at work for the next 4 days. My work means standing/walking around for 10 hours a day so basically it’s going to be a painful week.

Tonight, I’ve watched a little of the Royal Variety Performance and then went to asda to get painkillers and a knee support – hopefully it will all help. Now, I am in bed about to go to sleep, hoping I’ll sleep well and drag myself out of bed at 4:45am!!

Today’s 3 Positives:
1) I saw my nan and grandad
2) I took a picture of the Xmas decorations
3) I had a good chat with my friend on the phone

Today’s Score: 3/5



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