Moving On: Day 137

Today started off pretty decent. I woke up in a good mood and thought it would be a good day.
So, I got up and had a shower and then spent time doing my hair which made me feel so good.
I then went round my Nan’s for Sunday lunch and also had a good time.
I came home and came to my room where I watched a movie on Netflix. Then my mum came home and I could hear her shouting downstairs. I couldn’t hear what she was saying, I just heard shouting.
She then came upstairs and asked to come into my room and started yelling at me about something I wrote in my diary months ago!!
I felt quite upset. She read my diary whilst I was on holiday!
I’m so angry and I just have no idea what to do. That was a place I thought I could write things down that I didn’t want to share on my blog! Things I didn’t want anybody knowing and she just became the lowest of low and read my diary.
I’ve not even been able to face her tonight. Instead of going downstairs to watch X factor, I watched it on my phone in my room. I can’t ever forgive her for that.

Then my sister text me saying my best friend wasn’t coming to the birthday meal we had planned because she can’t afford it. That would be understandable but she goes out quite a lot with a friend from where she lives now and it’s just tipped me over the edge tonight. I’m fed up of everything in my life.

I just can’t deal with it anymore and I am starting to feel that nobody gives a fuck about me. Nobody is giving me a break about anything, I text my friend the other day feeling low and she “can’t deal with it with all the stuff she has going on at the moment” which is basically boy troubles – some guy she wasn’t in a relationship with got mad when she went on a date with someone else… I’m sorry but that is not something that I could ignore a friend over. I may seem selfish but I needed her and she can’t deal with me because of something as little as that.
So yes, that along with everything else right now, I can’t cope. I am just fed up.

So the day ended up shit.

Today’s 3 positives:
1) I did my hair
2) I went nans for lunch
3) I did some sit ups

Today’s Score: 1/5


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