Moving On: Days 129 &130 – London

On Monday 1st I went to London for the first time with my friends J and A.

I was so amazed by our lovely capital city. J and A scared me a little by telling me I had to keep my bag and phone close and tight because there were pick pockets but everything was okay. I even loved the tube, until it became really packed then the panic set in.
A has a lot of meeting in London and so knew the tube pretty well and knew where to go pretty much so that was good because otherwise I would have got lost.
J had been London before for shopping. Apparently she has only ever been to where Harrods is and shopped down that street and she had never been sightseeing or any where else and so we were both so amazed.
On Monday, we dropped stuff at our hotel and then went into London. A had a meeting so it was just me and J. We went to Westminster and just seeing Big Ben – the icon that makes London and being there just felt so real. We then had lunch and went on the London Eye.
We then decided to go to Leicester Square because there was an M&Ms shop that someone had told J she must go and visit so we went.
We were walking past and got diverted through a crowd. Our luck on not being many people around had run out as it was The Hobbit world premiere. J is a massive Hobbit fan and was so excited, and if it was Harry Potter or Avengers I would have been too but not the Hobbit. I was quite annoyed at the crowds of people just stopping and getting in the way. We went to the M&Ms store then made our way back to the hotel to sit and take a shower.
Early evening, we decided we would go to Hyde Park Winter Gardens because we still hadn’t heard from A.
Winter Gardens was so beautiful it really got me into the Christmassy mood. It felt magic.
After strolling through Hyde Park, we went to Covent Garden because A said she would meet us there at 9pm and we would go eat. A was late and we were cold but we went to eat and then went to a pub before going back to the hotel.

Tuesday, J said she wanted to go to Harrods again, that she couldn’t travel to London without shopping at her favourite place. I felt so out of place. Everything was so expensive and I can’t believe J shops there quite often!
We then went back to Covent Garden because A had another meeting there. Me and J were tired so we sat in a pub waiting. It was nice.
When A got back we decided to go home and eat on Motorway services than find somewhere to eat then go because it was getting late.
J isn’t from where we live, she lives closer to London but is still staying there as she has a doctors consultation today. We made sure she got back to the hotel, collected the car and drove back home.

So the first 2 days of December were rather quite amazing. I think I have made a new friend with J. We never got in the first time we spoke online. But we recently spoke a couple weeks ago and she has been an amazing friend. When I got asked to go to London with A and finding out it was the same time J was going to be in London too, we decided to meet up so that I wouldn’t be alone when A had the meetings.


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