Moving On: Day 126

Today has been emotional in one way but good in another. It was emotional because it has been a year since Coral died and I was filled with a lot of memories and emotions because of that 😢 but as a day in general it hasn’t been to bad; the only sad thing is the anniversary.

Today I got up and caught up with this weeks Hollyoaks. I’m kind of thinking or hoping that Freddie didn’t actually kill Mercedes McQueen and it’s going to be one of those storylines where the body isn’t found and she comes back from the dead either in a few years or soon. I hope so anyway because I love Mercedes.
After watching TV, I went and had a shower and then got myself ready for cheerleading.
cheerleading was good today although I think I have really hurt my back. Because of work, I’ve been unable to stretch as much as I used to do and today during tumbling we were doing handstand – bridge and as I went into the bridge, every bone in my spine just clicked. I fell to the floor in pain. The coach asked what happened and I said it just hurt my back. Her response was to get everyone stretching out their backs by doing bridges on the floor. I didn’t want to seem pathetic so I joined in with everyone else. Now, I’m thinking I should have left the back stuff out because right now I am in so much pain.
We also stunted and I am a base so of course, although there are ways to base and I’m pretty sure I do it it properly, you are still lifting and I don’t think that’s helped my back situation.

At the end of cheer, we do “lift ups” which is where a person points out another for doing something amazing and somebody picked me out and said that I had done well at basing.

I came home and had a Chinese and watched a bit of TV and now it’s bedtime!

Today’s 3 Positives:
1) I watched Hollyoaks
2) I listened to music
3) I went cheerleading

Today’s Score: 3/5


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