Moving On: Day 124

Ummm today has been a bit….. Meh

Some of it has been good and some of it not so good.
So we got off to work and went to outbound where I’ve come to like working but everybody seemed in a bad mood. I mean one guy seemed really pissed off and he was collecting empty boxes for us to cut, he had about 30 and started chucking them at us!
Then there was this old guy. One my first day, I went to help him because he was busy and shouted at me to say that they were his boxes. He later told me her prefers to work alone. He’s quite happy helping others and since that fist day, we’ve chatted and I find him quite funny. He’s really old and quite fragile looking and tells awful jokes but he’s lovely. So today; well there were no empty cardboard cages and so we were cutting and flattening cardboard and just leaving them on the floor because we had no where to put them. This made the Isles hard to go through if you had trolleys and things and it was also a health and safety issue. Then a few people saw this old guy walk past with a half empty cardboard cage, so I went to him and explained that we had a lot of cardboard over the floor and asked if we could put them in his cage. Then he became so fucking nasty!! At first he said “I got this for me because there are no empty cages” so I said
“I know there aren’t cages. That’s why we have boxes all over the floor and we need to put them somewhere and you’re the only one with somewhere to put them”
He got mad. He shouted at me “well I’ll just go and sit down. THERE’S NO WORK FOR ME!” And he pushed this cage at me.
So I yelled back that I wasn’t stealing his work and that I needed somewhere to put the boxes.
All I was doing was trying to clear the floor space because if a manager had walked past, we would have all been in the shit because of it all being there (despite being nowhere else to put all of these boxes).
It really upsets me when people shout at me, especially when I’ve done nothing wrong. I knew he likes to work alone and I wasn’t doing his work, in fact I was probably giving him something to do since there was nothing for him, as he pointed out.
So after that incident, at the fact that quite a few people seemed in a bad mood, I just felt shit.

After break, me and D got given a different job and that was shit. It was mopping up the area where security are and where the scanners and search areas are. It turns out that people really look down at cleaners. D said that one guy had a bit of tape on his shoe, took it off and threw it at her because she was a cleaner. One way to boost a persons self esteem is to give them a job that people look down on! Ever since that happened to D, I just felt as if I was worthless compared to everyone else.
I’ve never looked at a cleaner and thought “oh look at her/him cleaning and can’t get a proper job” I’ve seen cleaners as these people who clean posh people’s houses and get tons of money. Of course, there are cleaners in every business you go but I’ve always admired them because it’s not a nice job, it’s tough work and sometimes quite vile yet cleaners just get on with it. If it weren’t for cleaners, a lot of places would be unable to open.
Yet, people think cleaners are dumb, worthless people. Like I say, I never thought that those people existed anymore, but today I found out that they do and although it didn’t happen to me, it made me become aware of people and questioning what they think of me.

Me and D got given more tasks to do today that were really tedious. Our supervisor was quite funny today. I’ve always seen her as bossy and horrible but working with her today, I saw a different side to her. One where she felt she was able to joke with me by calling me clumsy and when she said “there are desks there” and me answering “I’ve never seen any there before” she replied “well that’s because you’re short”. So that part of the day was happy. The rest not so much.

Now, I am home. My feet hurt and I am extremely tired.

Today’s 3 Positives:
1) I finished off arranging things for my trip to London
2) Today was my last day at work for 6 days
3) I slept 7 hours last night and felt good this morning

Today’s score: 2/5


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