Moving On: Day 122

Today, work has been okay.

Me and D were told to go to another area to do cardboard boxes. There were people already there but there was plenty of work to do. And these people actually spoke to us!!!!

One guy, M, was overly nice LOL we spent most of the day working and chatting to him and well others from the same department as him basically said he was trying to chat us up.

So today was quite fun but I still felt tired. I had 3 energy drinks and not one of them made me feel better. But I think it’s because I’m not well. I have a horrible cough and sore throat and today there was a point where I was coughing so much that I actually was sick! After being sick, although I knew it was just from coughing, I just felt really poorly.

My feet hurt and I’m now home and tired texting just about everybody!

Today’s 3 positives:
1) I made a new friend – sounds childish but I struggle making friends with people. I’ve always thought that I had to pretend to be somebody I’m not for people to like me – ended up with me getting in trouble
2) I learnt a new game called 21 questions
3) I had a bath

Today’s Score 3/5


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