Moving On: Day 121

Today has been full of laughs at work but also full of annoying people.

Last night I went to bed and fell straight asleep but then I woke up at around 2:30am and couldn’t get back to sleep. The worst thing is, I woke up feeling wide awake!! So, I have literally been awake since 2:30am and I was dreading work. Plus I have yet again got another sore throat about the 3rd in just as many months!

At work, in the canteens, they had games on the table; Buckaroo, Connect 4 and Hungry Hippos. I’ve no idea why but it was fun.

So today was dead and we were made to do shit jobs but it was better than doing nothing.
Morning break came and went then sometime after that, my throat was really starting to hurt so D showed me another canteen/break room (no hot food just vending machines) and we went there and got a drink and had a sit down. Then got back doing our work very half hearted. We probably went back to that canteen a few times just because we really had nothing to do and my throat seemed to be getting worse and I just constantly felt like a needed a drink.
12pm came and we went on our half hour dinner and played connect 4. On our first day we were told our lunch is 12pm and that’s when we always go unless we have been told to go later. Today, it seemed empty at dinner and most others in our work area went at 12:30pm. So we went back and earlier in the morning I had said “this place has lots of canteens, there’s another one down there” so after dinner when everyone else was on dinner, I showed her the other canteen and we ended up sitting and playing Buckaroo for 20 mins then we decided we had to get back on the factory floor and look like we’ve been cleaning before everyone got back off their dinner.

Then we went back to the other canteen and had more to drink then another guy who we talk to said he was going outside for a cig. So we decided to follow him, we don’t smoke but it was fresh (ish) air. we went back inside and actually did a bit more work then got bored so took a random walk to explore the factory. Then went on our afternoon break at 3.30pm. Again everyone seemed to come on their break later than us, at 3:45pm and well we decided nobody saw us come on our break and we sat with the others (or rather they came and sat by us) and we blended in and me, D and the guy who went for a cig basically sneaked an extra 15 minutes!
On this break, we played hungry hippos.

Then we went back and did a little more work but there was hardly anything to do so we took another walk. I needed another drink and we went to the back canteen again but this time there was another department on their break and we kind of blended in again and sat amongst them for 10 minutes. Then went for another walk, then our feet began to ache quite a bit so we went and sat in the toilets for a while but with the amount I was drinking, I was beginning to need to pee every 5 minutes!!
6 o clock slowly came and worse was waiting for 6.15pm from that 6 o clock.!! Anyway, we eventually finished work and went home.

At home, I was starving and had a ham and potato salad thing to eat.

Also today, I got invited to a trip to London next Monday and I’ve asked for the time off but I’ve never been to London before and am going to have it off, permission or not.

Today’s 3 Positives:
1) I played cool games at work
2) work was fun sneaking breaks
3) I got invited to go to London

Today’s Score: 4/5


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