Moving On:Day 119

Today has been amazing!

I woke up at around 10:45am to texts off my friend Pikachu to see if I still wanted to go and see The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. At first she wasn’t able to go today but this really cheered me up.

So, I got up and showered and got myself ready and then went to see Mockingjay. OMG it was amazing, part 2 is going to be more fighting and more BOOM BOOM! I’ve read the book so I know what’s going to happen – the only part I don’t want to see is a sad part, a death and I won’t ruin it for those who haven’t read the book but for part 2 you are gonna need tissues!
I hate when movies of books split into 2 parts, I wouldn’t mind if they came out within weeks of each other but now I will have to wait for a year for part 2.
The only good part of 2 parts is that they get to fit a lot more of the book into the film so parts aren’t really missed out.

After Mockingjay, I got myself to the train station and went to cheerleading. I usually get a bus but because of the film, i needed to get the train because it is quicker. Although I did get there really early so sat in a cafe for about an hour.

Cheerleading was good today. I really enjoyed it. I usually do enjoy it but today I just seemed to enjoy it more. Maybe I was still on a high from The Hunger Games, who knows. Although, however much I did enjoy it, it was hard work.
I’m not a great cheerleader. My skills are pretty poor but I do it because I enjoy it.
We started with tumbling (the gymnastics side of it and probably the worst thing for me) and we had to first do handstands. They scare me because sometimes I lose control and go over and land on my back. However I am getting better at going up and coming back down. Holding them – not so good.
Then, we did handstands into a bridge and I can’t do these, I know I can’t because I’ve tried them at gymnastics. The coach helped me go over a couple of times then said she thought I could do it. I can’t and that’s that!
I haven’t really done back bends in a long time and this kinda ached my back a little. So I was stood there saying “I hope we don’t go again. I can’t do them and my back hurts” then one of the girls said “you have a really nice handstand though” a and it just made me smile.

After tumbling we did stunting. That was tiring but quite fun too. Then it was conditioning and I hate J- the conditioning coach… He kills me off. I’m really unfit and have to really work on my core strength because I’m useless.

After cheer, I visited a friend for a little bit and then came home.
My back is aching and I’m tired so let’s hope I sleep tonight.

Today’s 3 Positives:
1) I watched Hunger Games: Mockingjay
2) I was with Pikachu
3) I got told I had a nice handstand

Today’s Score: 5/5!!!!!!!!🌟


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