MovingOn: Day 115

Hello hope you are all well.

I’m feeling completely shit right now. It’s just been a crazy day at work.

So last Monday, we got told it would be busy. We got to our lines and there were no deliveries and so we didn’t do anything until after lunch.
Today, it was busy. Constantly doing something, then at one point, we got told that lunch was 12:30 instead of 12.

12pm came and the people doing the unpacking went to lunch. Our job is to cut up and flatten their cardboard boxes so when they go to lunch, we have nothing to do. Me and D went to our manager and told her the situation and suggested that it would be better if we went to lunch too as we have nothing to do. Nope. We had to wait until 12:30pm.
So, we went on our lunch at the time that the unpackers came back, had our half hour and no surprise to anyone, a mass pile of boxes! We knew that would happen since we had our lunch after them but of course, we are shitty agency staff who no one fucking listens to.

So this afternoon was busier than busy and so tiring. I was glad for a 15 min break at 3:30pm. Just before break, they had sorted out these new conveyor belt things which the unpackers put their empty boxes on and they go to a shoot that breaks the boxes down. Basically my job but with a much faster machine! So from just before break to 5pm, they were testing these shoots and we had nothing to do.
Break was fun, I was lagging a bit so had a red bull and so did D. Red Bull doesn’t usually affect me but I think because I was so low on energy, the sugar and caffeine went straight to my head (and D’s) and we just could not stop laughing. I can’t even remember what we were laughing at but something gave us the giggles.
Then, I energetically stood up and felt this massive pain in the back of my knee and for the rest of the shift (3:45 – 6:30pm) I was in agony. I have a feeling that I’ve pulled the ligament or something but I can’t straighten my leg and all.

Finally, home time. I got home and chilled watching TV falling asleep. My mum and dad weren’t home and my brother said they had gone to get diesel. So you know, I expected them home within 15 mins.
I then had a text to say my dad had tried calling me (from my service provider) so I tried ringing him back but it kept going straight to voicemail, as if his phone was turned off. So I tried to ring my mum but she wasn’t answering.
Then I remembered on the way home, there were a lot of ambulances going off in an emergency, a couple of police cars and a fire engine. Remembering this, I rung them both again but got the same and I started to think the worse, that they had been in some sort of accident because I’ve been told they went to get diesel and they seemed to be taking a long time. Then there was Diva, you know they say animals have a 6th sense. Well, she was going crazy wanting to go outside and come back in then sitting by the door, then sitting in front of where my mum sits. I just kept thinking she knew something was wrong.
I know I moan a lot about my parents and well…. They’re not the greatest or most supportive but I was worried.
Soon after, they walked through the door and said they decided to go Asda!

Well, there you go for bad days. Now, I am extremely tired and it’s making me emotional and I just feel really depressed right now.

Today’s 3 positives
1) me and D couldn’t stop laughing after red bull
2) We actually had work to do at work
3) I had chocolate biscuits

Today’s Score: 1/5


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