Moving On: Day 112

Today has been a better day.

I got my first wages and I have crazy spending issues and it’s mostly gone already, good thing I get paid weekly! I didn’t exactly waste it. I bought some new trousers and shoes for work so that I can just have my normal stuff for when I’m not at work, I also bought food for work. I paid for my phone bill and downloaded Taylor Swift’s album 1989. I’ve decided that each week I’m gonna download an album because I have no music on this phone and when I’m out and about, I still get a little anxious and so would like to shove earphones in and play my music to keep me distracted. I also paid board to my dad and got a lottery ticket. So really, spending doesn’t matter because I’m gonna win £19 million tonight and I’ll get to quit this shit job and do something I really want to do.

So today, basically I got up really tired after a bad nights sleep and slowly got ready and made my way into town at about midday.

I came home and had a bit of lunch then chilled playing games on my phone and watching TV.

For dinner tonight, my mum and dad went and got a KFC and that went down rather nicely. Though, I’m still slightly hungry but it’s 8.30pm and a bit too late to eat anything so I’ll wait until breakfast to eat.

The only good part about this job is that, on the days I am working, I actually have at least 2 meals and usually 3 (depending on how tired I am when I get home). I actually eat breakfast – okay a breakfast bar not anything proper but still more than what I was before, I’ll then have a snack on break, lunch, another snack on break and I usually get home and eat something.
So because I’m actually having meals and not snacking all the time, I’m actually losing weight!
When I lie down I can see my ribs and hip bones and I get soooooo happy!

This evening, I have had a shower and plan on going to sleep soon. I am tired from not sleeping last night and have to get up at 4:45am and I’m the type of person that needs 8 hours sleep to feel okay.
Like when I’m working though, by the time I get in, eat and showered I don’t get the full 8 hours sleep so waking up kills me a lot of the time.

Anyways; today’s 3 positives:
1) I downloaded Taylor Swifts new album
2) I went into town
3) I had a KFC

Today’s Score: 4/5


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