Moving On: Day 111

Well, today have been a depressed sort of day. I just felt really low and I wished I could stay in bed all day.

At around midday, I went downstairs to try and get out of this low mood but it didn’t help and I soon came back upstairs and got back into bed.

I didn’t really do much, I played games on my phone and spent most of the day scrolling through Facebook and Twitter.

I then randomly had a bit of a conversation with my friend, R but that didn’t particularly help either.

Also, me and B had a little conversation on Facebook about people’s views on mental health and how just because people can’t see it they either over sympathies or just don’t get it and things you have something contagious.
We also decided that we needed to take charge of things/places so that things would actually get done.

I then watched Hollyoaks and OMG this show has made me cry like all sorts of crazy over the last 2 days, also today I saw the Sainsburys Christmas advert and that made me cry!! Why does everything have to be so damn emotional???!!!

Now, I’m probably going to shove a film on and chill before going to sleep.

Tomorrow is my last day off work and I’m really not looking forward to Saturday – Tuesday.

I’ve sorted out my CV though and I shall look for something else in the meantime and hope to god that I find something fast because I hate this job.

Today’s 3 Positives:
1) I watched Hollyoaks
2) I ate custard creams
3) I listened to Taylor Swift

Today’s Score: 2/5


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