Moving On: Day 110

Today has been an okay day.

It took me ages to sleep last night and I woke up when I heard my brother leave for school, at around 8:30am.

Then, I took my time getting ready.
I had to go out, to ShawTrust to let them know how the new job is and thing a but I also had to wait in for my sister to get home because she had to come home to pick up her ID documents as she has a job interview tomorrow in the town that her boyfriend lives in.
So she came, later than the original 11-11.30 time that she said she would be here for. Then I went off to ShawTrust.
After ST, I had to go to the library to print an email off for my dad, then I came home.
I spent a lot of the afternoon watching TV and drawing on the game, Draw Something…. It’s kinda hard to draw on your phone but it’s fun.
Me and Pikachu also tried to arrange me visiting her tomorrow, she said she would ask her brother if I could stay tomorrow night but I haven’t heard any answer yet so I don’t know if I’m doing that or not, but it felt good to actually arrange something because in my town, I don’t seem to have any friends anymore. They seem to have moved out of the place and in feeling quite lonely.
I also started random, funny snapchats with my sister. Then I had some stew.
At around 6.30-7pm ish I went for a relaxing bath.

So in general a good day.

Today’s 3 positives:
1) I drew things in Draw Something
2) I went into town
3) I had stew

Today’s Score: 3/5


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