Moving on: Day 108

I’m too tired tonight to write everything I want to write so I think, if I remember and if I am still feeling how I am now, I will post another blog tomorrow which will basically be the rant I feel like ranting about now.

Today was my last working day in my 8-Day week (I now have 8 days in a week instead of 7 because my work shifts are 4 days on, 4 off).
My feet just haven’t healed from the first 3 working days. I got up this morning, got out of bed (obviously requires standing up) and even standing up this morning hurt. I just wanted to sit back down. So today, my feet killed all day. I keep getting told off at work for sitting down, but I’ve found that if I have quite a few boxes, I can get away with kneeling and cutting the boxes which actually helps in more ways than just my painful feet. See, I’m small and my body parts are small so gripping most of the boxes and cutting them is hard, I just can’t grip them. So being on my knees means I can put the boxes on the floor and cut them quicker. Also, because of being unable to grip the boxes, I tend to put the boxes on the floor anyway and bending down to cut hurt my back and if I crouch down, well…. A person can only crouch for so long. So yeah, it generally is easier for me to kneel and do my work. It would be much more comfortable to sit and work but the moment my ass touches the floor, I get told to stand up… Kneeling – I haven’t been told yet.
Only problem with kneeling is sore knees but I found that I would do one cardboard box, flatten it and put it under my knees then do the rest.
Today at work, we went in and had the staff meeting (although the meeting is all in fucking Polish and it pisses me off – you’re in England and yes, if you just hired polish people then go ahead but you hired 4 English people and we have no fucking idea what you’re saying!!!), after the woman said “it won’t be like yesterday. It’s Monday, busy busy busy” so, we all went down to the lines and claimed an area. I soon noticed that nobody was unpacking. Turns out there were delays in deliveries. So, from 8am to first break (9:45 – but we didn’t know time and went at about 10am) we were stood doing nothing. I assumed that maybe things would pick up after break. Came back, nothing. Our lunch is at 12pm; 11:35am came and alas! Boxes!!!!! I had something to do. Then, lunch time.
The unpackers have targets. They have to 1) unpack a number of loads and 2) Fill a number of trolleys each day.
So, since the morning was dead, they were going so fast unpacking and giving me boxes. Each line has 2 cardboard cages, 1 on each end. There were only 4 of us again (there were spares who walked around and helped if we were busy) so I was minding 2 cages. I came from dinner to a massive pile of boxes and did them, looked at the other cage and again, another pile. Basically, each time I had cleared a pile at one cage, the other had piled up again! Was so annoying! But, with the huge piles, I could get away with kneeling and giving my feet a rest. They still ached after a while though.

Now, I have 4 days off.

I came home from work, had a sit down with my feet in a bowl of hot water, then decided I needed a bath so had one. I came down and had these oven potato things and then watched Gotham.

Today’s 3 positives:
1) it is my last working day this week
2) I watched Gotham
3) I had a bath

Today’s score: 2/5


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