Moving On: Day 107

I’ve had enough of today. Today can rot in a hole.

I woke up and died when my alarm went off. I just couldn’t believe it was already 6am! I wanted another 10 hours in bed!
Anyways, I managed to get up and go to work.
Work has to be the most shitty day ever! It was extremely quiet; by 2pm, our supervisor for our department told us to “pretend we’re busy” because we literally had nothing to do.
After 3 days of 10.5hour shifts, standing on my feet all day, my feet are painful! Even this morning when I got out of bed, they still hurt! So today was not only boring and tiring, it was agonising. Usually, I can make till lunch before I start complaining about my feet. Today, we had our first break at 9:50am and I was complaining before going on break. So you can just imagine how I was at 6:30pm!! Especially since we had nothing to do which meant we had to stand around and think about the pain. Honestly, I kept going the toilet just to sit down for a couple of mins!

THEN… One woman asked D (girl I work with) what time is 4 left last night, we said 6:30pm and she said “well you need to wait in the office to all sign out together” so tonight, we went to the office, signed out and say and waited. Nobody turned up so we went to the reception to get a key to the cupboard us 4 keep our stuff in (because we are with an agency even though this is expected to last until Jan/Feb we aren’t allowed a locker) we asked the security to open the cupboard but he was busy sorting out new night shift, staff badges and it took a long time before someone came to open this damn cupboard (NOT THAT WE WANTED TO GO HOME OR ANYTHING!) whilst waiting, we had to sign out a second time with the sign in/out book at reception. E (another girl) went to sign out but said that its been done for us and the handwriting was the same as one of the other people in our team who actually work there. So basically, our theory is that they left early (it had been a while since we saw any of them) and they signed us out so that we didn’t write a time later than what they did! So tomorrow, I think I’m gonna have a word with the security guy at the desk.

My dad kindly picked 3 of us up and I came home to a roast dinner (which is horrid if it’s been kept all day 😞) I then got a hot, soapy bowl of water and just soaked my feet. My feet felt so good in the water, but now they are out and I’m in bed, I feel them again.
But hey, 10.5 more hours (1 day) and I get 4 days off!!! Just 1 more painful day.

Today’s 3 Positives:
1) I watched X Factor results
2) I spoke to a friend
3) I managed 2 positives out of a shit day (LOL cheating but I can’t think of a real 3rd positive)

Today’s Score: 1/5


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