Moving on: Day 104

Today has been much better.
I had a really good nights sleep last night, so deep I actually had a dream, although the dream was quite sad and scary but hey. A good, deep sleep is amazing!

I got up and went into town, then came home and watched a bit of TV. Mid afternoon, I went for a very long, hot bath. The bath was soooo good.
I then watched Waterloo Rd to catch up.
I then had some dinner or rather a little snack on some BBQ spare ribs, went back upstairs and got ready.
About 7/8 weeks ago, I was sick and couldn’t make cheerleading or gymnastics for about 4 weeks, then I was on holiday and then returned to cheerleading but kept forgetting to book myself in for gymnastics. This week, I remembered and so went back to gymnastics after about 8 weeks not going!
It was tough getting back into things, I haven’t done any real back stretches or bridges for a while and doing them was incredible but quite literally back breaking haha

Tomorrow, I properly start my new job. I’m quite nervous and just know I’m going to be really tired by the end of the day.
I’m currently just relaxing coming down from the gymnastics/exercise high so that I can go to bed and sleep for a 5am wake up!

Today’s 3 Positives:
1) I went into town
2) I had spare ribs
3) I went to gymnastics

Today’s Score: 4/5


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