Moving On: Day 92

OMG how far can some people crawl up people’s arses! Seriously!
I was on Twitter earlier and somebody was tweeting C so I thought I would respond- half jokingly and half pissed off.
1) yes I committed a crime
2) yes, it is all my fault and nobody else’s
3) yes I take responsibility for it
4) yes I regret it

But it’s been 2 fucking years! Deal with it. I’ve not done the same thing in the last 2 years. I’ve not done anything wrong in 2 years. I think I’ve fucking learnt from it all!

5) I am under the impression this was all planned by C from the start of my contact. She has admitted she saved my emails to make a story and recorded my phone calls. NOBODY records phone calls – I don’t even know how to record phone calls. This tells me she had this all planned anyway.

So yes, this post isn’t exactly moving on but how can I when people won’t let me!

6) I understand that if I hadn’t of emailed C and lied there wouldn’t be a book but does nobody actually consider that a book doesn’t need to be written. There are other criminals and victims and they don’t write books about it and they move on with their lives quite happily! It is not the law that if you’re a victim of a crime, you have to write a book. So yes, she is just doing this because she leads a sad fucking life and is bored.
But really, who reads her books, like 5 people? She can’t even publish her books into real high street shops so why should I be worried that 500 people download it online. I’m not exactly going to see my name in Waterstones am I?
So yes, it slightly bothers me, but am I worried. Nope.

There, rant over.


I didn’t sleep well last night again. I woke up at 2:50am and was still lying awake at 5:30am. It sucked.

I stayed in bed quite a lot, reading my book (something by someone who actually can write decent books). And I sadly finished my book. But the reason I stayed in bed was because I could hear my dad downstairs and he seemed in quite a bad mood. At around 4pm I went downstairs to eat and stayed down there since.

I watched X Factor this evening as well as watching the war in Twitter. I’m so grateful for those who see the truth and defend me, like my Twitter friend M.

I’ve also spoke to my friend R tonight. He’s a guy I once went on a date with. We flirt a lot but I don’t see us ever being together. I just like to tease him.

Today’s 3 Positives:
1) I have people stick up for me
2) I finished reading my book
3) I watched X Factor

Today’s Score: 3/5


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