Moving On: Day 86

Today has been a little odd.

I woke quite late and chilled in bed watching Cheerleaders (a thing on YouTube). Then I got called for lunch.
When I went downstairs, I saw all my family were there; my parents and brother, nan, grandad and uncle. I grabbed my plate and sat down. I took a few bites but each time food went into my mouth, I felt like I was going to puke so I took my plate to the kitchen, covered it for later. But after that, I haven’t felt well all day so haven’t eaten it.

I then went upstairs to rest, coming back down at 8pm for X factor. And have spent the evening watching TV.

Don’t think there are 3 positives today but here’s what I have:
1) I watched cheerleaders
2) I spoke to a friend

Today’s Score: 2/5


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