Moving On: Day 81

How on earth did I forget to write about Tues 14th October??? Bit late but here is day 81…

Slept pretty well last night and woke at around 10am.
Me and my sister then decided to take a walk today but she kept saying “after this (show)” and we spent the morning watching TV. When she finally decided she wanted to go, it was raining so we couldn’t. This quite honestly pissed me off.

We watched more TV, had dinner then got ready to go out.
Bingo wasn’t on tonight so after a couple of quiet drinks, we came back to the caravan.

Soo not much has happened at all.

Today’s 3 Positives:
1) I cooked dinner
2) we went to the pub
3) I spoke to a friend on Facebook

Today’s Score 3/5


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