Moving On: Day 79

Well, it’s Day 2 of the Holiday and it’s been a chilled out day.
I woke at around 8.30am after a better (but still not great) nights sleep. I had breakfast and WHY is it when I’m on holiday, I quite happily and easily have breakfast and lunch and maybe most of the time dinner too. Everytime I go on holiday I eat normal meals.
After breakfast, I did some cleaning and then decided to go for a walk. Today has been a really sunny day and, without the windy sea air, it would have been warm. Like further away from the coast, it was warmer and less windy but it’s been lovely. T this morning was like “no can we just stay in?” But I said “nope. We’re on holiday, it’s probably going to be the nicest day of our holiday today and we are not spending it indoors”. She got quite mad at me but I am not confident to go out for a walk on my own and well… I became assertive!
The walk ended up being about 3 hours long. I mean we left at 11.30 and found a cafe at about 12.30 and sat for lunch, then carried on. Basically, the walk is a circle, you go down the shops, then cut through another caravan park and you’re by the beach. The side was in but we walked along the sea front and back to our park. I mean if we didn’t go into every shop along the way, it wouldn’t have taken 3 hours but still would have taken a good 90 mins-2 hours if you were to just walk. We got back and our feet had practically died.

Once back we chilled for a bit but both fell asleep for a couple of hours.
We woke at around 5.30pm, chilled for a bit to properly wake up then we went to the beach. The beach at sunset is remarkably gorgeous! After the beach, we went to bingo. I won the last game of bingo really quickly. I got 3 numbers, then there were 2 more called and then my last number and I won. I only took a few quid to bingo so didn’t have any more to play with and came back to the caravan.
We then watched X Factor and we are having a chilled night.

Today’s 3 Positives:
1) I took a walk
2) I watched X Factor
3) I took amazing photos of the beach

Today’s Score: 4/5



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