Moving On: Day 78

Hey guys!

It’s quite early but I thought I would write this whilst I’m not doing anything.

So today is day 2 of holiday πŸ˜„ it’s been quite a nice day.
I didn’t sleep well last night; caravan beds and all so I woke up in a bad mood.
Me and T (sister) then got ready and walked down the beach to ASDA to do some shopping. How lovely is it to say “I walked down the beach to do shopping”!!! I dressed for typical Welsh weather- I wore a wooly dress, leggings and knee high boots, you know, in case it rained, my feet wouldn’t get wet.
BUT it was really warm! My feet got so hot, I decided to take my boots and socks off and just walk along the sand. Then we got to a part where the tide wasn’t out and had to go up the pebble area and onto the path so I had to put my boots back on.
After shopping, we had lunch and watched TV then decided to go to the funfair.
Me and my sister love rides, and there was this ride that wasn’t here the last time we were in Rhyl (which was years ago) and so we tried it. We thought it was one of those rides where you don’t need to be strapped in because “gravity holds you in”. FUCK ME! Gravity DOES NOT hold you in! There were bars at the back of the seat behind you and so we tried holding on to them. T’s top kept flying up (this ride bounced as well as span around). With my left hand, I tried to give her some dignity and grabbed her top to stop her boobs going on display. Suddenly, I flew down the seat, the ride bouncing away – making me come off the seat. I was trying so hard to sit back down, grab onto the bars behind the chair just to hold on. Without sounding to dramatic, I genuinely thought I was going to go flying off the ride or something. T thought the same. Honestly, if you are short and can’t reach the floor or reach behind for the bars, you shouldn’t go on the ride. My toes just about touched the ground, and I think if I could fully reach it, I may have not gone flying across the seats. I like rides, but that definitely is not a safe ride and I won’t be going on it ever again!

After the fair, we came back to our caravan, chilled and had some dinner. We are now chilling and going to watch X Factor then go out to the pub tonight.

Sharing some pictures of today.





2 thoughts on “Moving On: Day 78

    • Probably should but I’ve no idea who that would be! I love rides but that is one that I’ve actually decided I really don’t want to go on it again. Maybe if the ride was full and you are sat side by side with people, you may not slide and fall about so much but it’s horrid

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