Moving On: Day 74


Well last night on Twitter I made a little statement saying something like “apparently if you pretend to be happy, your brain gets confused and believes you are happy” I also stated that I was going to wake up today and do just that.

Last night however, I didn’t sleep a wink, finally falling asleep for a couple of hours this morning. So when I woke up, I felt tired and miserable and there was no way I was gonna even pretend to be happy. Maybe I will try again tomorrow.

So today, I pretty much spent it in bed watching movies. This afternoon I went on my laptop and looked for jobs and also spoke to my friend online, then went back to watching more movies.

I’m hungry now, so I’m going to venture downstairs, listen to my dad rant about me being in my room all day, get some food and watch a bit of TV before coming to bed.

Tomorrow I have a hair appointment and therapy so I will have a new look 💆

Today’s 3 Positives:
1) I watched The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
2) I applied for a couple of jobs
3) I spoke to a friend

Today’s Score: 3/5


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