Moving On: Day 72

Hello guys,

I hope you’ve all had a good weekend. Mine hasn’t been too bad.

Today, I woke up feeling really low. I didn’t have the motivation to get out of bed and for a long time I didn’t. I tried to cover myself in my duvet and fall back asleep because “if I sleep, the day will pass quicker and be over”. It didn’t work. I have been sleeping quite well lately, 90% of the time now, I am sleeping. Some nights, insomnia creeps in and I don’t sleep but I’m sleeping quite well. However, I think I now have the opposite affect where I’m oversleeping. I sleep well at night but still feel drained the next day and have no energy. I’m going to put that down to being unwell and now that I am getting better, I’m hoping that the tiredness goes away too.

So, I decided to get up at around 11:30am and I went downstairs, got snacks and came back up to watch Netflix.
I went down for my lunch at around 2pm. I felt crap because I couldn’t eat it all and my dad went mad. In all fairness, nobody seems to understand what A PORTION is. Today’s Sunday lunch was beef. My dad had put on my plate; 3 large slices of beef, a portion of cabbage, 4 medium roast potatoes, a portion of carrots and about 3 portions of peas. I ate most of it, I left 2 potatoes and a serving spoon size of peas and one slice of beef. Even eating upto that point, I was struggling to eat and didn’t want to be rude and leave it, so I kept eating until I was about to puke then decided enough was enough. But he got mad like “why do I waste my time cooking when you all leave food?”. It’s really not my fault that he cooked so much food.

After lunch, I came back upstairs, watched a film on Netflix and then had a bath. After my bath, I spent some time chatting to my friend and then went downstairs to watch X Factor.

Countdown to my holiday begins 😄

Today’s 3 Positives:
1) I watched Netflix
2) I had a bath
3) I watched funny prank videos on YouTube.

Today’s Score: 3/5


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