Moving On: Day 68

Hello guys,

Last night was again another sleepless night except this time there was no falling asleep in the early hours of the morning. 4am cam and I even said to myself, “Well, I’ll be falling asleep soon like I usually do” but nope…. 5am came and so did 6am and 7am and 8am. My brothers taxi picks him up at 8.30am and my mum then goes for the 8.35 bus to work. I heard them go and thought that maybe now the house was empty I might get some sleep (that sometimes happens) but nope. It got to 9.20am and I got my phone out and started playing games on my phone. Not long after though, my tonsil/throat pain was agonising and giving me a headache so I went downstairs, got a paracetamol and set to catch up on Mon and Tues Hollyoaks and a comedy show about guys playing jokes on the public in America. I then watched Friends and waited for my mum to get home. Usually she’s home for 2ish on a Wednesday but something was telling me she was working OT and I didn’t know whether I had to wait to let my brother in. She wasn’t working OT, I have no idea why I thought she was so when she got home, I finished of the drink I had and made another (sore throats suck – you have to drink a lot). I then went up to bed feeling exhausted.

I couldn’t even have a nap. I just seemed unable to sleep so I practically wasted my day watching old Hollyoaks Storylines on YouTube…. Yup I’m sad but I am sick and don’t have any energy to do anything else.

At around 7pm, my stomach started growling at me. Because of my very swollen tonsil and soreness, sealing anything hurts and since Sunday lunch, I’ve not had a proper meal. If you want to diet, get Tonsillitis it’s great! And I’ve tried to eat but only little things like a couple of biscuits or a handful of grapes ect. Swallowing is that painful, I can’t put myself through a whole meal!
Today, I decided I needed something more significant than snacks but again not a big meal. I opted for 2 slices of toast – well buttered to make them soft. After having half of the first slice, I started to regret making 2 slices. It took a hour for me to finish them both. An hour!! I suppose the positive was that I actually managed it. But my body was still hungry for more. I tried to leave it and make the feeling pass but I couldn’t ignore the growling so I had an orange OMG the acidity of the Orange stung my tonsils a little bit but again I managed to eat it all.
So today, I have had 3 custard creams, a mint, 2 slices of toast and an orange. Which is more than what I had if you put my food intake on mon and tues together!

Now I am about to get ready and go to bed and hopefully sleep. There’s no hungry tummy tonight so that will be one thing that doesn’t disturb me.

Today’s 3 Positives:
1) I ate real food
2) I played Sims
3) I did some washing for clothes I wanna take on holiday

Today’s score: 2/5


4 thoughts on “Moving On: Day 68

    • It does but at the moment I have really bad tonsillitis which is 1) painful 2)the constant drinking of water makes me need to pee a lot and 3) the stupid size of my left tonsil is so big it is pushing against my uvula and also causes problems breathing when I lie down.

      Last Friday and Saturday I felt exhausted and slept well both nights – I’m now thinking that my body was just preparing itself for being ill xxxxxxx

      • I can’t gargle lol. Well, the last time I gargled I was like 8/9 and somehow chocked on water. I’ve not tried it since so I’ve no idea if I can gargle… It just scares me. I might try it though tomorrow.

        I never had “normal child illness'” as a kid… You know chicken pox, tonsillitis then sorta things 99% of kids get. I had more serious ones like meningitis and epilepsy. Always off in primary school for epilepsy check ups and crap but never “Dear Mrs Teacher, jade was off school last week with tonsillitis”!! Never even really had coughs.

        Turn 18 and I have my first ever tonsillitis, then after that, my tonsils seem to swell once every few months. I went Drs once and was told I didn’t keep getting tonsillitis but they just seemed to swell if I have a cold or bug as a way of fighting infections. So I constantly have sore throats. But this felt much worse than a slight swollen and red tonsil so I kinda had to get it checked out. It’s never been this bad and I’m waiting for test results so come back to see if there’s anything more to it

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