Moving On: Day 67

After being sick all day yesterday with a fever and sore throat, the night didn’t really improve although, I did sleep more than Sunday night. I still struggled working out whether I was cold and wanted to wrap up or hot and wanted to strip off. My body temp was going up and down faster than a yo-yo! Not to mention my sore throat – I made 2 trips to the kitchen to get water, the second time I just filled a 1litre bottle up so that I could keep it on my bed if I needed it. But at some point (quicker than Sunday night) I did fall asleep and by the time I woke up, the fever didn’t seem to be there. The sore throat however, was much worse so I booked in to see my doctor.

The doctor checked me over and said I had a “bacterial infection” on my tonsils. She took a swab so she could see what has caused it and I need to ring back at the end of the week for results. She also said that because it’s bacterial, antibiotics wouldn’t help and so gave me a spray which acts as a pain killer called, ‘Benzydamine’. You’re supposed to spray 4-8 times every 1 half-3 hours so I am trying to do 4 times every 1 half hours which equals 8 every 3 hours but more gradual. Sometimes it seems to help ease the pain a little but others not so much. Today I have managed to eat. It hurts to swallow so instead of meals, I’ve been snacking, when I say snacking, Greggs had 2 for 1 on sausage rolls so I had sausage roll for lunch and a sausage roll for dinner and a chocolate bar… Not healthy but shhhh.

After my doctors appointment, I went into town. I went to the post office to deliver something and then went to the library. I returned some books and picked up 2 more. Usually when I pick books, I follow a certain Author or genre and don’t tend to venture to new things, or I read something someone has recommended. Today, I picked 2 books at random because I liked the cover art on them.
The first one I picked is called “The Night Rainbow” and I have read the first 2 chapters and I am starting to enjoy it. Depression seems to have killed my ability to read. At the moment I either can’t get hooked into a book like normal (that’s why I decided to just pick randomly today) and reading the first couple of chapters, I’ve found myself having to go back a couple of pages to remember where they are or what they are doing as I keep forgetting. And it’s not as if I’ve put the book down and gone back to it, I have just read these chapters without stopping but my depression seems to be making me unable to concentrate or take things in.
That being said, I have enjoyed what I have read so far and hope I can read to the end and say the same thing.

After town, I came home and Skyped my friend and then did a job search. I went downstairs for a bit to eat my 2nd sausage roll and my dad came home from work. Him and my mum started an argument and I just couldn’t be around it so came back upstairs and had a bath, then started reading the book (as mentioned above).

Today’s 3 positives:
1) I went to town
2) I picked 2 random books and started to read one
3) I had a greggs sausage roll

Today’s Score: 3/5



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