Moving On: Day 66

Today has been utter poop.

When I got into bed last night, I started to feel really sick. My throat seemed sore and dry, my head was pounding and although my skin was burning to touch, I was shivering cold.
Time kept passing last night but I couldn’t sleep because I felt so bad. At some point, I did sleep though and slept until about 10.35.

This morning, I went downstairs to watch TV but I became so hot again that I was dripping sweat. I felt horrid so went for a shower then got dressed and went back downstairs. I decided to wear cool clothes but this time I was freezing.
I waited until my brother came home from school, and my mum and then went back to bed. So from about 4.30, I have been sleeping on and off, still hot to touch yet shivering and feeling so sick.

I don’t usually drink much, but I’m trying to help myself first before going off to the doctor so today I have had a glass of water, a glass of ribena and a glass of ribena with lemonade and going to go downstairs and get another drink when I finish this one. I usually only drink 1-2 drinks a day so all this fluid is making me need to pee a lot!

So this is it for tonight, a very sick Jadey.

Today’s 3 Positives:
1) I managed to answer some emails
2) I Facebook messaged a friend I haven’t spoke to in a while.
3) I have kept myself pretty hydrated

Today’s Score: 1/5


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