Moving On: Day 65

I’m really shocked and amazed that I have managed to do this for 65 days. Okay, I have almost forgotten occasionally but I’m the kind of person that very rarely starts and finishes/continues things. So this is an achievement for me πŸ™‚ πŸ˜„

Today started off slow. I had another decent nights sleep last night but again, woke up feeling tired. I played a few games on my phone and then went downstairs for a few hours.
At about 2.30pm, we had Sunday lunch. My dad did us lamb this week. Lamb is my favourite meat and if anyone of you dares to ruin that by reminding me of the animal ect, you will be hunted down and killed.
I live in denial when it comes to meat. I don’t like to think of innocent animals, so I don’t think about is and if it does come up, I lie to myself and say it had died from natural causes. If I didn’t think like that, I would be full on vegetarian which would not be good as I already don’t eat enough food or get enough vitamins and things. So nope… DO NOT discuss this lamb thing please.

After lunch, I went to my room and played more games before chatting to a friend. I also started packing my suitcase for mine and my sisters holiday. I stupidly told my sister that we should use the big suitcase and put our things together. Noooope. I’ve already filled it 3/4s of the way and that’s just my things. That doesn’t include anything of my sisters or shoes.
Now shoes, to put this in perspective, a few years ago, I went for a weekend away (Fri – Mon) and took 16 pairs of shoes; I wore them all by the way. This time, we are away for 7 days and I have 114 pairs of shoes to decide from. So yeah…… I’m screwed. I can even rule out taking 6 pairs because they are flip flops or sandals and its Wales in October… So no need for them. But I have 2 pairs of trainers, too many heels and about 30 flats to choose from! I am going to try and just take 4 flats, 1 pair of trainers, my boots, and 3 or 4 heels. That’s 10 pairs for 7 days. I can do that I think.

Then, my friend Pikachu came round and we had a chat about things and a bit of a laugh. It was nice to see her.

She then went and I watched X factor.

Today’s 3 positives:
1) I have made it to Day 65 on this blog
2) I saw Pikachu
3) I made a start on my suitcase

Today’s Score: 4/5


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