Moving On: Day 64

Hello folks, I hope you have all had a great Saturday and a good start to the weekend.

I actually slept quite well last night – on my own, without any help from Zopiclone or a relaxation hypnosis this I have on my phone which occasionally helps me. This was purely me being exhausted, getting into bed and sleeping. And can I just sat, that feeling when you wake up and realise you’ve had a decent nights sleep, without any help, and as natural as possible is the best feeling ever! I’ve forgotten what that feels like. Over the last few months, sleep has either been aided my tablets or more recently a hypnosis recording. IF I have managed natural sleep, the most I’ve ever got has been 4 hours and for a while 4 hours sleep was, to me, a good night. That’s how bad my sleep has become (without Zopiclone). So last night, sleeping from about 10/11pm and not waking until about 9.30am was just amazing. I was so tired yesterday that I think if I didn’t sleep, I would have had a breakdown today.

So, I woke in a good mood. I then went downstairs and had food, came back upstairs to finish off cleaning my bedroom/sorting holiday clothes out (which I started on Tuesday and haven’t gone back to since). Today, I picked up a handbag, and that’s it. I really seemed to have no energy despite the sleep I had. So I lay on my bed and played music.

Late afternoon, I went downstairs to an empty house and caught up in Wed-Fri’s episodes of Hollyoaks. I’m kind of finding the Sonny storyline boring. We all know he probably managed to escape. It’s the ‘Dirty Den Death’ thing from Eastenders happening all over again. Meh… Hope it ends soon and Teresa gets back. Although, her pregnancy pissed me off too – like nobody knew she was pregnant before she stood up (before the breakout of prison plan). But yes, I am so addicted to Hollyoaks. I love it.

I then had some dinner and watched X Factor where my dad really pissed me off. My mum was asking me something as X Factor came on and he says “Shhh you want to watch this” yet all through the damn thing he talks and plays videos in his phone and shit. It annoys the hell out of me.

So now I’m in bed, hoping for another good nights sleep. Soo night all!

Today’s 3 Positives:
1) I watched Hollyoaks
2) I listened to music
3) my friend sent me some amazing photos

Today’s Score: 3/5


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