Moving On: Day 55

Today has been a little bit mixed, emotionally.

I woke up feeling rubbish then went downstairs to try and not say upset and change my mood. Whilst downstairs I watched TV with my mum and had a letter. I have another interview next Friday. This is one out of town, which if I get , I can move out!!! 😄

But still, trying not to keep my mood low didn’t work. I just felt like wanting to cry. I went back upstairs and watched a movie. After the movie, I went downstairs, messed about with the camera with my sister, then my nan brought me round some stew. If I offend anyone, well fack you lol….. But my nan’s stew is the best. I honestly won’t eat anyone else’s!!! She always does me “a portion” which is about 3 portions so I freeze what I don’t have and have it another day. It’s great!

I then went back upstairs to do more job hunting. I know I had an interview last week and have one next week but I’m going to keep looking until I get one. Me and my sister then youtubed a music quiz thing and have a little competition which I won!

So yeah, my mood improved throughout the day.

I’m now watching Celebrity Juice. I like the show, but don’t usually watch it. However Katie Hopkins is on it and I just love her rants and love when people have a go at her. So, I am watching it.

Today’s 3 Positives:
1) I had a letter for a job interview
2) I watched a movie
3) I watched Dynamo

Today’s score: 3/5


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