Moving On: Day 53

I very almost forgot to write tonight… I’m so tired I almost just got into bed.

Today has been okay.
I didn’t sleep very well last night as I felt sick, then I ended up waking up really early this morning. Wasn’t really early, was about 8am but after only a couple of hours sleep, I wanted more. I didn’t get more, but I did stay in bed, doing nothing until about 10.30am when I started to feel hungry. I then got up and went downstairs.

Downstairs, I mixed between watching whatever crap my mum had on telly and playing silly, addictive games on my phone. My sister then made an appearance and we played online pool together which I totally won 3:2 (2 of my wins were basically because she hit the white ball in the pocket when she hit the black) but I still friggin won!

I then had a good old crisp sandwich for lunch with an apple 😊#healthy. After a while, I came upstairs for a couple of hours. I did a job search and applied for a few jobs and then skyped my friend again.

I then went back downstairs for dinner and I had BBQ chicken with cabbage and potatoes. My mum also did mixed veg (sweet corn and peas) but I hate sweet corn, I never eat it so I’ve no idea why she always gives it to me. So I just left that bit and chucked it away.

Then I had a shower, text a couple of friends and plan in going to sleep soon.

Today’s 3 positives:
1) I played games
2) I’ve eaten 2 meals
3) I spoke to friends

Today’s score: 2/5


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