Moving On: Day 52

Another peaceful day today. Ignoring things seems to be getting a lot easier each day. Bye bye C, hello life!

Although peaceful, I have kind of felt quite sick today and I’ve no idea why.

This morning, me and my sister watched TV and then I went for a walk, thinking the fresh air would make me feel better. It didn’t. I came home and went to rest in bed for a bit. I got bored though and took selfies with my teddy which I will share with you guys.

I then went on Netflix and decided to start watching something. I picked a 6-part series called Pramface and it was quite good. A comedy drama about a couple of teens who sleep together then she gets pregnant and it’s about that 9 months. I cried at the end when the baby was born. It all just felt emotional. Although, I seem to be very emotional at things lately. I think it’s tiredness but who knows.

I’ve then had a couple of text conversations with a couple of people and plan on going downstairs to watch TV.

Today’s 3 Positives:
1) I went for a walk
2) I watched a series on Netflix
3) I had a chilled day

Today’s Score: 3/5





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