Moving On: Day 48

Firstly, this kind of isn’t about today. Well, it started off with people saying things today but generally about last year. I’ve seen that I’m not sorry because when I got arrested, I was out the same night partying. This is not true. The TRUTH: I got arrested on 10th Jan 2013. My 21st birthday was on the 11th Jan. I am a twin, it was a joint party, if it was just me and I could have cancelled, I would. The party was already arranged. Me and my sister organised a Hollywood red carpet themed party. Everything was paid for, cancelling wouldn’t have been an option. And I thought, if it’s impossible to cancel, I’m not going to sit there miserable and have everyone ask what’s wrong so I thought “fuck it, I will enjoy my birthday” the limo, was a surprise from our family for me and my sister. The fact a person has seen these pictures proves they have stalked me. Sorry for enjoying my 21st birthday, it doesn’t mean I don’t regret what I did. Sorry that I didn’t sit at home and cry, and sorry my mum didn’t send me ripped up letters. Don’t be bitter, it ain’t pretty.

Right! Today…….

I had my job interview again today, it seemed to go well. I then had to pick up a missed parcel for my dad, then went to the library. I did a job search then picked up a couple books. One for my brother to help with his reading and an erotic book. I love erotic romance books!

I then came home and watched 2 movies. My sister also came home and it’s been a chilled evening, except for seeing things.

Today’s 3 positives:
1) I had a job interview
2) I got a book from the library
3) I watched movies

Today’s score: 3/5


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